Thai Navy defends Chinese submarine deal legitimate and transparent

The Royal Thai Navy reiterated it's submarine purchase deal with China is legitimate and is in compliance with the laws.

The affirmation of the deal was confirmed again by the Royal Thai Navy spokesman Admiral Jumpol Lumphikanont, head of the Navy's team of Staff Officers after the secretary general of the Constitution Protection Association Srisuwan Chanya said he would formally ask the Office of the Ombudsman to investigate what he called the hastily signed purchase deal which indicated it is not transparent.

The spokesman of the Navy said all the procedure leading to the signing has conformed to the laws and also had consulted with the Office of the Attorney General.

He assured that there was no breach of the law regarding the procurement of the Chinese submarine.

Thailand and China signed the contract last Friday in Beijing for the purchase of the first of three submarines.

Under the deal, the 700- million baht down payment on the first submarine, to be delivered in six years, must be paid within 45 days.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)