Thailand aims to have no illegal migrants by March next year

The Labour Ministry has set a target for Thailand to be without illegal migrant workers by March 31 next year and all legal workers will be provided with protection under the Thai and international labour laws, said permanent secretary for labour affairs Jarin Jakkapak on Nov 16.

Mr Jarin said this to Peter Haymond, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Bangkok, who called on him at the Labour Ministry.

The labour permanent secretary told the US official that Thailand is determined to solve problems over child labour, forced labour and human-trafficking.

By April 31, 2018 there will not be illegal migrant workers in Thailand and all migrant workers will be brought into the labour system and protected by the Thai and international laws after receiving the certificate of identity and groing through the nationality verification process from their home countries, he said.

Mr Jarin said the Labour Ministry will also pay a special attention on workers in the fishery sector in coordination with the Fisheries Department, the Marine Department, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and the Foreign Ministry in an attempt to unlock Thailand from the US Tier 2 watchlist in its 2017 Trafficking in Persons report so that Thai fishing products are acceptable to the international community.

Anurak Tosrat, director-general of the Labour Ministry's Employment Department, said the Lao embassy in Thailand has informed the Labour Ministry that the Foreign Ministry of Laos has asked employers of Lao workers who have received a certificate of identity (CI) to take their employees to pick up their passposts at the embassy on Pracha Uthit road in Wang Thong Lang district.

He said 10,747 Lao migrant workers have been processed. However, about 50,000 others still need to undergo the nationality verification process. Therefore, Lao workers whose temporary pink cards are due to expire on March 31 next year are required to hurriedly get their nationality verified by contacting employment offices in Bangkok and other provinces.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)