Thailand, Flooding in the Eastern Region (06:00 Aug 15 2020)


From the influence of the monsoon trough lies across the North and Northeast. In addition, the southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand from 6 Aug '20 - present, causing flash flooding, flooding, windstorm, mudslides.

Flooding has affected the following areas:

10 Aug 2020


-Prachantakham - 13 households

-Khlung City - 8 households

13 Aug 2020 Chanthaburi

-Tamarind Khlung Mueang - 586 households


-Khao Samin - 236 households

Additional Data

Country: Thailand Affected Area / Region: Eastern Region, Thailand


Affected Families: 843

Affected Persons: 4215


Damaged houses: 843

Source: ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance