The Prime Minister monitors the water situation and thanks officials for their hard work.

The Prime Minister monitors the water situation. Thank you to the staff who work with dedication. Concerned about the flood situation in Lampang, Phrae and Ubon Ratchathani provinces.

Today (October 1, 2023) at 7:00 p.m. at the Smart Water Operations Center meeting room, Royal Irrigation Department, Samsen Road, Bangkok, Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Follow the water situation Ready to listen to a weather briefing From Acting Second Lieutenant Thanasit Iamnanchai Deputy Director General of the Meteorological Department and listen to a briefing on the overall water situation

Acting Second Lieutenant Thanasit gave a summary report on the weather conditions. Thailand will be affected by the monsoon trough passing through. As a result, the northern and northeastern regions will be affected by rain, with flooding and soil slides in some areas. After this, from September 3 until September 7, the rain will decrease. A cold air mass replaces it. And the rain returns in large amounts again from 7 September onwards for concerns about Storm Koinu. Thailand will not be affected.

Mr. Suriyaphon Nuchanong, Deputy Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department He gave a summary of the water situation. Overall picture from the amount of heavy rain that continues to fall in the upper part of the country. especially the northern region Northeast Due to the influence of the monsoon trough that crosses Thailand. Since mid-September 2023 onwards, many areas have been affected by the amount of water overflowing the banks and flooding in the area. For example, the Wang River Basin has flooded areas due to the amount of water in the Wang River overflowing its banks. Affecting Lampang Province and some parts of Tak Province Yom-Nan River Basin From the amount of rain that falls in Phrae Province Causing the amount of water in the Yom River to increase. Starting to have an impact on some parts of Sukhothai province. Chao Phraya River Basin Water volume in Nakhon Sawan Province continues to increase This is because the water volume in the Ping River and Nan River continues to rise. This makes it necessary to manage water and organize water traffic in the lower Chao Phraya Basin. By controlling the amount of water flowing through the Chao Phraya Dam to have the least impact on downstream areas. In the Chi-Mun River Basin The upper area of the Chi River Basin The amount of water began to decrease continuously. In the lower Chi River area There is still water overflowing the banks in Kalasin, Roi Et and Yasothon provinces, but it is likely to decrease. and in the Mun River Basin There is flooding in the Ubon Ratchathani province. Due to the amount of water overflowing the banks at M.7 Station, Warin Chamrap District. This amount of water will flow into the Mekong River. which can now drain water continuously 7 Warin Chamrap District This amount of water will flow into the Mekong River. which can now drain water continuously 7 Warin Chamrap District This amount of water will flow into the Mekong River. which can now drain water continuously

After listening to the briefing, Mr. Chai Watcharong, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the Prime Minister thanked officials from all agencies. who have worked hard together 24 hours a day in the past To monitor the situation and take full care of the citizens who have suffered. I have been following the situation closely all along. and is concerned about the people Today you have to come and see for yourself at this water operations center. Both to monitor the water situation in real-time and listen to operational problems. To help you work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Most importantly, I want to come and encourage all the workers.

The Prime Minister further said: Today, we invited relevant agencies to come to a meeting through the Video conference system in order not to disturb your work site who is working hard in the area. Today, there are irrigation offices throughout the country, the Meteorological Department and the Public Health Department coming together to assess the water situation and jointly solve the problem. To make work as flexible as possible which is preliminary from listening to the report Concerned about the situation in Lampang, Phrae and Ubon Ratchathani provinces. that even though the situation has somewhat eased But you must watch closely. Including having to take care of Urgently restore and repair the homes of the people, especially at this time in Sukhothai Province. Most worrisome Because it must support the mass of water flowing down from Phrae Province. which has flooded both agricultural areas and some cities

The Prime Minister emphasized that an important matter that must be discussed is planning to deal with another wave of water coming in. This will make the situation worse than before. today's meeting Please everyone give your full opinions. If you're stuck, please speak honestly. To solve problems directly and in a timely manner

The Prime Minister orders relevant agencies in 5 areas, consisting of:

1. Water situation: The Royal Irrigation Department must integrate with relevant agencies, including provincial governors. local government organization Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Organize water traffic in the Chi-Mun River Basin Yom-Nan River Basin and the Chao Phraya River Basin

2. For agencies including provinces, local administrative organizations and Royal Irrigation Department Check the stability of seawalls, bridges, and irrigation buildings. to be stable and ready to use at all times During the flood season

3. Assistance: Let all relevant agencies join together to help disaster victims and solve distress problems, such as speeding up repairs to homes. Eliminate waste that comes with water. and as requested by the people by the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Integrate the mobilization of relevant agencies such as the army and local agencies.

4. Weather forecast: Let the Meteorological Department follow the weather conditions. and notify relevant agencies and provide weather warnings to the public To closely monitor the water situation throughout the country.

5. Notification to the Royal Irrigation Department together with relevant agencies such as the Public Relations Department. Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Continuously publicize the situation to the people in the area.

Source: Thai News Agency


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