BANGKOK, Thailand Consumer rights advocacy networks have filed civil suits against Thailand's three largest mobile operators demanding 22 billion baht (about US$689.8 million) in compensation for rounding up excess seconds used by customers into extra minutes, the Bangkok Post reported.

Chalermphong Klubdee, head of the Foundation of Consumers' legal centre, said the centre has brought three class-action lawsuits against Advanced Info Service (AIS), Total Access Communication (DTAC) and True Corporation to the Civil Court on May 15.

The first trial is scheduled to take place on June 25, he told a press conference at the Foundation for Consumers on Wednesday.

The move came after the three mobile operators failed to comply with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission's (NBTC) resolution in May last year which banned operators from rounding up excess seconds into extra minutes.

The NBTC ordered operators to calculate their mobile phone fees based on the actual service period used by customers.

Somchai Armeen, chairman of the Legal Rights and Environmental Protection Association, said even though the alleged mobile phone fees would cause damages of only about 400 baht (US$12.50) per person, the loss was huge since about 90 million mobile phone numbers were run by the three providers.

Of the total number, 41 million are operated by AIS, 23 million by DTAC and 24 million by True.

Source: NAM News Network