BANGKOK, Thailand The Malaysian police have extracted "useful information" resulting from the interrogation here, of two Malaysians linked to last week's huge seizure of 700kg of 'ice' (crystal methamphetamine) in Hatyai.

Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) chief, Lt Gen Sommai Kongvisaisuk said information obtained from the interrogation of the two Malaysians included the identity of the mastermind behind the drug smuggling attempt, and the syndicate he headed.

"They (Malaysian police) obtained very useful information," he said here yesterday, adding that the interrogation of the Malaysian suspects by the Malaysian police in Bangkok recently, also showed the existing close cooperation among regional police forces in combating drug trafficking.

He said this when met by the media after attending a function to display the 1.78 million tablets of 'yaba' (syabu), 703.3 tonnes of 'ice' and 1.38 tonnes of ganja seized by NSB during the past week, estimated about 890 million Baht (RM114 million).

Sommai noted that the two Malaysian suspects would not be deported but face justice in Thailand.

Last week, three Malaysian police officers were in the NSB's headquarters in Bangkok to interrogate the two suspects, who were caught in Hatyai with 700kg of 'ice' which was destined for Malaysia.

The Hatyai success represented the biggest seizure made by the NSB this year.

National Police Chief, Gen Chakthip Chaijinda who also attended yesterday's function announced that during the past six months, the NSB had seized 1.97 tonnes of 'ice', 16.7 million 'yaba' (syabu) tablets, 415kg of heroin, 41kg of cocaine and 6.21 tonnes of ganja.

The Thai police, according to him, estimated the seized drugs to be worth about 4.16 billion Baht (RM533 million).

Meanwhile, Sommai said the huge seizure of drugs by the NSB and other enforcement agencies in Thailand showed there was shortage of supply in the international market which pushed the syndicates to double their production.

Source: NAM News Network