VoiceBox And Elektrobit Partner To Make Connected Cars Understand Natural Language

— Companies to offer VoiceBox enhanced EB GUIDE to the Automotive World

BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — VoiceBox Technologies, the award-winning innovator of Contextual Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and an acknowledged pioneer in the Connected Car, has expanded its partnership with Elektrobit. The new agreement between the companies allows each to offer their combined solutions to deliver a multi-modal Human-Machine Interface (HMI) development platform enlivened by VoiceBox to the automotive world.

Last year’s technology collaboration, in which VoiceBox enabled Elektrobit’s EB Guide with its patented Context Management and Conversational Voice technologies, demonstrated genuine innovation. Consumers can go beyond the traditional single-question, single-answer HMI approach because VoiceBox allows users to query multiple topics in any order that is natural for them, and to ask follow-up questions when needed. More recent advances include the incorporation of Deep Neural Networks (DNN) models that significantly improve large-vocabulary speech recognition.

"The VoiceBox advantage comes from a unique blend of sophisticated conversational interface design and patented Contextual Natural Language Understanding. We’re proud to offer our solutions alongside Elektrobit’s EB GUIDE, to bring a natural and personal voice experience to the automotive market," said VoiceBox CEO Mike Kennewick.

The VoiceBox Advantage is based on unique capabilities recently cited in the IEEE-sponsored Patent Power Scorecard that placed VoiceBox among the Top 15 companies with the most influential computer software technology IP in the world. VoiceBox was the only voice Technology Company in that top group.

VoiceBox provides ‘one-stop-shopping’ for companies looking to voice-enable products and solutions; offering enhanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), NLU, Text To Speech (TTS) technologies together with a full range of development, testing and data services. An acknowledged innovator in automotive voice applications, VoiceBox delivered the industry’s first embedded NLU interface in 2008, and pioneered the connected car in 2011. The Company shares several CES Best in Show honors with its partners. VoiceBox ships with Toyota, Fiat, Dodge, Chrysler, Maserati, Renault, Mazda and Tom-Tom in 23 languages across 3 continents.

About VoiceBox Technologies Corporation

VoiceBox is a pioneer in Natural Language Understanding and Conversational Voice Technology that helps people find content and control their devices using natural, everyday speech. VoiceBox applications can run on in-car systems, smartphones and home systems. All are powered by VoiceBox’s award-winning voice technology, protected by more than 30 patents. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, the Company has offices in Los Angeles, Munich, the Netherlands and Tokyo. For more information, visit VoiceBox.

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