Youth dies from mud sucking after rescuing a teenage girl from drowning

A 19-year-old youth drowned after he successfully rescued a teenage girl from drowning in a reservoir in Nayong district of Trang province.

The youth identified as Kanti Yotarak who worked at a car garage in the town jumped into the reservoir at Kuantor-Phruputeun after one of the girls in a group of 4-5 teenagers swimming there was drowning.

She was successfully rescued and pulled out of the reservoir safely.

However Kanti was sucked down by the mud as he tried to struggle out of the water and drowned.

It took the search team about 10 minutes to locate him. But he was already dead when officials found him

The rescue operation was watched by hundreds of people at the edge of the reservoir.

His relatives were not suspicious of his death and would hold cremation ceremony at a temple after autopsy result was confirmed.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)