Yujiapu Hosts Binhai International Micro-Film Festival

TIANJIN, China, Nov. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the 2014 Binhai International Micro-Film Festival (BIMFF) was held in Yujiapu Financial District, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA), China by Communist Youth League TBNA Committee, TBNA Youth Union, TBNA Central Business District Management Committee, Tianjin Innovative Finance Investment Co., Ltd. (TIFI) and Tianjin North Film Group.

First Meet is the Best micro-film

First Meet is the Best micro-film


Yujiapu Dream Factory Signing ceremony by TIFI and Oriental Stories

Yujiapu Dream Factory Signing ceremony by TIFI and Oriental Stories

Founded in 2012, BIMFF is one of the most-widely-acknowledged micro-film festival in China. Since its entry solicitation began last October, over 1,000 works from both at home and abroad have been collected, of which the outstanding ones were posted on popular domestic video websites such as Tencent, 56 and Fun.tv. In the end, First Meet, the micro-film greatly favored by netizens, was awarded as Best Micro-Film.

With the support of TBNA Culture and Broadcasting Bureau, BIMFF Organizing Committee also hosted New Media Entrepreneurial Investment Meeting, one that focuses on the development trend and profit model of micro-film and new media, to bring financial capital to the micro-film industry and new media industry. During the meeting attended by industry leaders, New Film Association, Tianjin North Film Group, LIC China and several others jointly announced to start preparing for the New Media and Film Association.

With China Tang Real Estate, a pioneer of innovative and futuristic life, Binhai Cultural Center and Tianjian District, where historical stories and modern scenes weave into each other, TBNA is a great nursery for micro-film.

While moving towards a demonstration base for financial reform and innovation, Yujiapu is also keen on the innovative development of its new media, film and television industry. During BIMFF, TIFI, the operator of Yujiapu, signed with Sina, a top China web portal, a cooperation agreement on settling its Weibo marketing platform company in Yujiapu for better district promotion and the growth of local new media industry. TIFI also partnered with Oriental Stories to found the Yujiapu Dream Factory, building an entire new media, film and television chain that covers talent training, project support, financing, production technique and so on.

By bringing together film capital, scriptwriter and other interest-related parties, Yujiapu Dream Factory facilitates the convergence of capital and visual asset production and thus contributes to the growth of the new media and film industry.

Innovation has been a prominent part of Yujiapu’s DNA since its first days. Over the years, TIFI has been taking on an exemplary role in policy exploration, global citizen, green city, creativity and entrepreneurship. The booming micro-film industry and creative incubation of the new media and creativity industry will stand to prove to Yujiapu’s stance of where "opportunities become realities."

Located in the heart of Tianjin Binhai New Area and covering an area of 3.86 square kilometers and a construction area of 9.5 million square meters, YJP plans to be developed in four phases as 120 land parcels. The first phase project that involves 35 parcels totaling a floor area of 1 million square meters and a construction area of 4 million square meters will serve modern finance, market exhibition, inter-city transport, catering, residence, meeting, art and leisure.

Under the drive of Tianjin Binhai New Area’s preferential policies, YJP is positioned as a nation-leading, world-class, fully functional and conductive base for financial reform and innovation including financial leasing, private equity fund, settlement and commercial factoring. Along with the integrated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, YJP will strive to become the second financial street in China and a magnet for resources from the capital city.

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