ZNV Launches the World’s First H.265 High-Definition IP Camera

SHENZHEN, China, September 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — How often do you have to wait for a video image to load on your screen? You don’t have to accept this anymore! A major break-through has been made to overcome bandwidth and storage challenges that the security and surveillance industry has been facing for years. The industry has entered a new era with the highly-anticipated new generation of IP cameras that have inbuilt the state-of-art video image compression technology complying with the new H. 265 international standard.

Robert Zhu (the second from right), Executive Chairman of ZNV, led his team to unveil the world's first H. 265 IP camera that can save up to 10 times of bandwidth and storage space.

On September 12, 2014, Shenzhen ZNV Technology Co., Ltd. (www.znv.com) launched the world’s first H.265 high-definition IP camera (7200 series) at its 2014 Channel Partner Summit and New Product Launch Conference in Nanjing, China.

At the conference, Robert Zhu, executive chairman of ZNV, explained the technologies of this new IP Camera series and the benefits for customers.

“All of us like to use high-definition cameras for security monitoring, remote machine operation, or other applications, because the sharp images will help us to identify security treats or control a machine remotely. The current challenges are the cost of transmission and storage of largesized data over the network and cloud. The new IP cameras that we are launching today overcome these challenges by using the latest data compression technology inside the cameras. For the same high-definition videos, this technology can reduce the data size by three times in dynamic scenes like a busy street and up to 10 times in static scenes like a guarded warehouse,Robert Zhu said.

“The benefits of this breakthrough are simple. For same high-definition videos, they will require much lower bandwidth and use much less storage. This will not only make a tremendous saving in system cost for our customers, but also make high-definition video possible in the areas that the existing network infrastructure simply can’t support previously,” Robert added.

The team from ZNV demonstrated all the key features during the conference. The 400 plus audience were deeply impressed by the new products and the first batch of products were all sold out at the conference.

This breakthrough caught the industry by a surprise. No one has imagined that the latest state-of-art technology can be developed by a Chinese security company.

ZNV (www.znv.com) is a leading security products and solutions provider based in Shenzhen, China.

Key Features of ZNV’s new H. 265 High-Definition IP Camera:

  1. Low requirements on bandwidth for transmission of its video streams: With the built-in new-generation video image compression and transmission technologies complying with H. 265 Standard, ZNV 7200-series IP cameras enable high-definition video surveillance data to be transmitted through low bandwidth network while keeping images clear and smooth. During the test, the new 7200-series IP cameras can transmit dynamic 1080P video images at 1.5 Mbps under H.265, instead of at 4 Mbps (almost tripled) under current H.264 standard. In static scenes that are used a lot in security guarding environment, the video stream will drop to 100Kbps to 200Kbps, which is 10 times lower than the current best cameras in the market.
  2. Low requirements on storage to keep the videos: With the same storage space, the new compression technologies enable users to store three to 10 times of videos by using the new 7200-series IP cameras rather than normal, same definition cameras. This will lead to tremendous saving in storage facilities and relevant room space and energy consumption.
  3. Low requirements on light condition to record quality videos: ZBF-7200-series IP cameras can operate at a super-low light environment. It can still record clear videos in color or blackandwhite in the low light environment where human eyes cannot identify. The minimum functional light condition reaches 0.002 lux (colorful) or 0.001 lux (blackandwhite). Thus, this new series of ZNV cameras can still help customers guard their properties in an extremely dark environment, while enabling a smooth transition between bright and dark environment.

Two Successful Stories:

H.265 high-definition IP cameras will bring enormous value to the customers, as described by Robert Zhu. After being introduced to the market, these IP cameras can save huge investments on network and video storage facilities.

ZNV used the new cameras in a smart city project in China. As part of this project, the police department requires that video must be stored for 12 months in order to check the recording history during police investigations. Due to the cost constraints, they only have limited storage space available which could only support 30 to 90 days video storage previously. As a result, earlier videos had to be deleted and overwritten, among which some important information were lost for criminal cases. With the H.265 technology, the police department can save up to 10 times of storage space, which translates into tens of millions of savings for the whole projects.

A school used a video surveillance system for years, but it gradually grew outofdate and could not meet its increasing surveillance demands. This school wanted to use start-of-the-art high-definition cameras for video surveillance; however, normal high-definition cameras needed to be built on high bandwidth infrastructures, e.g. a costly fiber network. Due to insufficient network bandwidth and financial pressure, the school had not found an optimal solution until recently. By taking advantage of the low-bandwidth requirement feature of ZNV’s 7200-series IP cameras, the school achieved a real-time, high-definition 1080P surveillance system under the existing network infrastructure. This saved tens of thousands of dollars and minimized the interruptions to school education programs.

About ZNV

Shenzhen ZNV Technology Co., Ltd. (ZNV) is a leading global surveillance supplier and former surveillance product line of ZTE Corporation. It was separated from ZTE in 2005. Now ZNV has power supply and environment monitoring products, video surveillance products, management software and smart analysis technology, provides customized all-in-one surveillance solutions for industrial customers like telecom, government, traffic and energy. Its solutions and products have already been working in over 70 nations and regions including EMEA, America and Asia. Please visit www.znv.com for more information.

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