Meteorological Department warns upper Thailand to cope “Summer Storm”

Bangkok, March 12- The Meteorological Department warns upper Thailand to be vigilant. “Summer storms”, thunderstorms, gusty winds, and hail, including possible lightning.


Meteorological Department An area of ​​high pressure or a moderate cold air mass from China has already covered central China. It is expected to extend to upper Thailand and the South China Sea today. As a result, the east wind and southeast wind that blows moisture from the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand to cover upper Thailand is stronger. In addition, the westerly tidal wave from Myanmar will move to cover the northern region. While upper Thailand is hot. This makes the area prone to summer storms. with the appearance of thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail, including possible lightning People are asked to be careful of thunderstorms, strong winds, and hail, as well as the dangers of lightning that may occur. by avoiding being in the open air under the big tree unhealthy buildings and billboards For farmers, they should be prepared to prevent and beware of damage that will occur to agricultural products as well.

As for the east wind and the southeast wind, it still prevails over the Gulf of Thailand, the South and the Andaman Sea. Causing the South to have isolated thundershowers. Dust during this period: Upper Thailand tends to accumulate moderate to high levels of dust/haze. due to weak to moderate winds and poor ventilation .



Source: Thai News Agency

Moving towards digital government Develop a modern work system

Government House, March 12- Government spokesman revealed that the Prime Minister emphasized the implementation of the government sector to create integration. Moving towards digital government Develop modern work systems to facilitate tourism. Use Digital Passport to link Digital ID and e-Visa system.


Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs Acting as a spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office revealed that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense emphasizing the integration of government operations Moving towards digital government develop innovation technology to adapt to modern work systems

A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said that the Prime Minister emphasized the work by instructing government agencies to accelerate the integration of work according to the Prime Minister’s policies. to facilitate the public The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has implemented an electronic passport (e-Passport) that will lead to a digital passport format (Digital Passport) linked to the Digital ID (digital identity verification and verification system) of the Ministry of Interior. while the e-Visa system ( has been implemented in more than 38 Thai embassies and consulates in 23 countries around the world. It will store user data in the cloud and add new features such as checking contacts. Blacklisted Person Alert Including improving search through the system to be more convenient Ready to set a goal to open for service in every country with an embassy and Thai consulates around the world within 3 years


A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office also added that The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also cooperated with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Ministry of Public Health The Immigration Office (Immigration Office) and the Airports of Thailand (AOT) are preparing to facilitate more foreign tourists traveling to Thailand.

“The Prime Minister emphasized and ordered all sectors of the government to integrate their work, reduce procedures, use technology to develop modern, convenient, fast and timely work systems, and strive to facilitate contact with government agencies for the people. At the same time, this will have a positive effect on the implementation of economic policies. Travel Facilitation All of which are the result of laying the foundation for moving forward with the digital government policy/government 4.0 that meets the requirements and is up-to-date with today’s times, ”said Mr. Anucha.-


Source: Thai News Agency

FDA confirms no use of PFAS substances in Thai cosmetics

BANGKOK, 12 Mar- The FDA confirms the use of PFAS compounds in cosmetic products sold in Thailand. Ask the public to be confident in their safety.


According to the news, EPA New Zealand has proposed banning the use of PFAS in cosmetic products in line with the European Union (EU). The FDA has reviewed cosmetics registered in Thailand and found no use of PFAS and 13 of its derivatives. It is an ingredient, asking the public to be confident in its safety. The FDA has surveillance. Monitor the safety of the use of various substances in cosmetics regularly.

Pharmacist Weerachai Nalawachai Deputy Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration Mentioned online news from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) New Zealand, which proposed that the New Zealand government ban the use of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances : PFAS) in cosmetic products in order to comply with the European Union (EU) by the end of 2025, the implementation of such matters in Thailand. The Food and Drug Administration is in the process of issuing the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health on the names of substances prohibited to be used as ingredients in the production of cosmetics, B.E. by the draft announcement Passed the consideration of the cosmetic committee. It is in the process of proposing the Minister to sign the announcement next. Imported and sold in Thailand. The use of PFAS and its derivatives was not found.
All 13 substances are ingredients and the FDA has a plan to collect samples to monitor prohibited substances. If violations are found Offenders will be prosecuted according to the law in all cases.


However, if consumers have questions about the safety of health products For more information or complaints, please contact FDA Hotline 1556 or via Line@FDAThai, Facebook: FDAThai or E-mail:, PO Box 1556, Post Office, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi Province 11004. or provincial public health offices across the country .



Source: Thai News Agency

Confidence for Thailand slide Focus on understanding the NCC.

Bangkok, March 12 – “Somchai” hopes that Bangkok helps for Thailand slide, believes fair-minded senators elect the prime minister, and emphasizes “Srettha” to fight candidates from all parties. Refusing to respond that being good at business doesn’t mean being good at economics. focus on understanding people


Mr. Somchai Wongsawat, former prime minister, along with Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlae, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee on Bangkok Area Politics, Mr. Warawut Yancharoen, Member of the Coordinating Committee on Bangkok Area Politics, Mr. Wichan Meenchainan, President of Bangkok Region, Mr. Jirayu Huang Sap, senator of Bangkok, opened the Pheu Thai Party Coordination Center in Bang Kapi District of Mrs. Pongsakorn. Rattana Ruangwattana candidate

Mr. Somchai said that in the Bangkok area There will be many political parties competing and hoping to compete for more space. But still confident that the Pheu Thai Party will land a slide because the party assesses the potential of the candidate and the aspirations of the party that intend to work will make people confident and welcomed the Pheu Thai Party to work Therefore, it is estimated that now throughout the country, the Pheu Thai Party will land slides. From the original poll that will get 250 MPs now if the Bangkok area land slide too


However, I am not worried about the voice of the senators, whether since it does not mean that they will oppose or fight with the senators, but believe that the senators will see the work of the past government. not successful and the country is not as developed as it should be therefore believes that senators will have a fair heart Regardless of where it came from, I believe that senators love Thailand, so they think that if people see that the Pheu Thai Party has the ability to come and help with the work, He was confident in the discretion of the senator, the more he thought that he didn’t have to sit and fear each other. And think that if the party gets enough votes, the more likely it is to form a government. And we promise to follow the policies that have been announced. and believes that the quality of life of the people will be improved For the case of the Pheu Thai Party launching Mr. Srettha Thavisin, the chairman of the Pheu Thai family’s advisor.


Mr. Somchai said that Mr. Srettha You can definitely fight with candidates from other political parties. even as a political newcomer Because in this situation saw that the previous government had not been successful in resolving economic problems and problems in the stomach of the people The party therefore had to find a suitable person to help develop it. Let the economy prosper And Mr. Srettha is a businessman. who was successful and said that he was ready to sacrifice his own business and come to work for the people thus making it more confident

As for the case when Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha said that he was good at business, it didn’t mean he was good at the economy. Mr. Somchai said General Prayuth said that, but the party did not care that Who will think of us, but we are determined to understand the public Because General Prayut Maybe they don’t understand us and don’t understand how we work. Therefore, they can criticize each other, it’s okay. To the Pheu Thai Party, open to listening to everyone. But what is not is useless to counter. Because in the end, the people will decide who to choose. Who will you believe and which party will you listen to?


“Who doesn’t understand? We don’t want to fiddle for anyone to listen carefully. The same buffalo We want to talk to Thai people who want to change, ”said Somchai.



Source: Thai News Agency

Potter praised his team’s 3-1 win over Leicester

England, March 12 – “Potter”, the indigo blue lion consultant Praise the Chelsea players for showing great potential as they defeated Leicester City 3-1 and won 2 games in a row.

Chelsea boss Graham Potter praised his team after beating Leicester City 3-1 at the King Power Stadium, winning 2 games in a row, which is a good result for both. Players and cheerleaders of the team Make the team ready before the race next week. By praising the team that play together and show great potential for this match, Chelsea took the lead before 1-0 from Ben Chilwell in the 11th minute before Patson Daka equalized for the home team. In the 39th minute, but then Chelsea scored 2 goals in a row from Kai Havertz in the 45th + 6th minute and Mateo Kovacic in the 78th minute, giving Chelsea 37 points from 26 games, ranking 10 of the table, while Leicester City have lost 4 league games in a row with 24 points, ranked 16th, 1 point away from the relegation zone.


Source: Thai News Agency

Collect more evidence The case of a brutal, jealous soldier who threw a bomb at Rider

BANGKOK, 12 March – The Evidence Division and EOD officers investigate the incident where a jealous soldier throws a grenade at the riders. At the entrance of Soi Pracha Uthit 45 to collect additional evidence Ready to search for the remaining bombs


Progress. The soldier is jealous and throws bombs at the Riders. Waiting for orders in front of Nom Sod shop At the entrance of Soi Pracha Uthit 45 until the rider group injured 4 people yesterday evening The latest evidence Along with EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officers went to the area to inspect further to collect evidence and search for bombs. Because the perpetrator claimed to have brought 3 bombs to the scene this time, 1 exploded and the second exploded, one of the injured returned home to be delivered to the way. Police officers as evidence, while the third child still does not know where the perpetrator has taken it. because the person is still unable to identify as well While the constitutional military officials have taken the private soldier who caused the crime to be prosecuted As for the injured rider’s relatives help to catch one more person involved in the crime and send it to the police for further legal proceedings

Mr. Phongsatorn, 24 years old, who was involved in the incident recounted that There was a bomb thrown that hit the junior’s leg, but it didn’t explode, so he kept it for now. because during that time and fear that someone will step on it But when he learned that there was a bomb squad looking for more evidence Therefore went back to retrieve the stored bombs to deliver to the authorities And knowing more that now that the person who throws the bomb has been caught, friends have gone to look for him and take him to the police. I personally don’t know both of them.


Source: Thai News Agency

Korn swims across Songkhla Lake Push the local charm

Songkhla 12 Mar.- To the finish line! “Korn” caught speed, swam across Songkhla Lake 2 km, breaking his own record. Confident to wake up tourism revive the Songkhla economy pushing local charms to increase community income


in Songkhla Province, Mr. Korn Chatikavanich, leader of the Chart Pattana Kla Party and Ms. Vivian Chulamon, adviser to the party’s policy team. Participated in Singora Lake Swim 2023 by swimming across Songkhla Lake. which is the only lake in Thailand using the route from the red mill (Hub Ho Hin), Muang District, Songkhla Province to the finish line at Songkhla Pier on the side of the hill, Singhanakhon District, Songkhla Province, totaling a distance of 2 kilometers, with a security team as well as water rescue planning that has been well prepared This year there are both Thai and foreign swimmers. Nearly 200 people attended the event from the first year (2021) with 30 participants. It was promoted through Mr. Korn and Mr. Juree, causing the attention of a large number of people.

In addition, the famous Tik Tok star, Mr. Juree Numkaew, is a candidate for the MPs of Region 2 as a cheerleader. to the party leader along with 3 other candidates, namely Mr. Kan Nawakan, candidate for MP District 1, Asst. Prof. Dr. Prasit Rattanaphan, candidate for candidate for District 3 and Attorney Arm – Mr. Phongsathorn Suwanraksa that the candidate for the House of Representatives District 9 participated in the activities in unison.



Source: Thai News Agency

“General Prayut” visits the Ratchaburi area on March 13.

BANGKOK, 12 March- “Tipanan” showcases the work of “Gen. Prayuth”, Thailand’s first cable-stayed railway bridge. almost complete Is a new landmark of the economic boom of Ratchaburi Yam the people of Ong prepare to welcome “Gen. Prayut” visited the area on March 13, bustling, emphasizing that he was a leader and really took action.


Ms. Tipanan Sirichana, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that according to Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. Accelerate the development of infrastructure to connect transportation routes. to increase competitiveness Integrate the rail system to be safe. Modern and time-saving to support travel, tourism, transport of goods and services, the latest, the first and longest extradosed bridge in Thailand. which is part of the project for the construction of a double-track railway on the southern line Nakhon Pathom – Chumphon In contract 1, Nakhon Pathom – Nong Pla Lai The construction progress is almost complete.


Ms. Tipanan said that when the cable-stayed railway bridge crosses the Mae Klong River, it will become a new tourist landmark in Ratchaburi Province. Due to its unique appearance from other railway bridges, it is also built parallel to the Chulalongkorn Railway Bridge. parallel to Chulalongkorn Bridge and Thanarat Bridge which has a long historical significance It will help stimulate the economy. employment And generate income for people in the area and nearby areas


“You can see that Gen. Prayut has made concrete progress. Along with solving problems in every dimension which in going to the area of ​​Ratchaburi Province On Monday, March 13, 2023, will follow the progress of various projects such as Main drainage system construction project to alleviate flooding in the Ban Pong community area, phase 1. Construction of a dam to protect the banks along the Mae Klong River. Khai Luang Bridge – Khao Ngu Bridge – Berk Phrai Landscape improvement project along the banks of the Mae Klong River Krairiksh Community Health Garden Performance results and building construction plans in Ban Pong Hospital A project to expand the road from 2 traffic lanes to 4 traffic lanes on the route of Nong Pla Mor Subdistrict – Khao Khlung Subdistrict Construction of a tunnel under Hua Pong intersection to solve traffic congestion problems help reduce accidents Including supporting the increasing traffic volume This makes the traffic more streamlined and helps reduce travel time as well, ”said Ms. Tipanan.

Ms. Tipanan said that at this time she knew that there were many people from Ratchaburi province. When he heard the news that the Prime Minister going to go to the government inspection want to welcome General Prayut This reflects the leadership that the people truly accept and do.


Source: Thai News Agency