Meteorological Department warns upper Thailand to cope “Summer Storm”

Bangkok, March 12- The Meteorological Department warns upper Thailand to be vigilant. “Summer storms”, thunderstorms, gusty winds, and hail, including possible lightning.


Meteorological Department An area of ​​high pressure or a moderate cold air mass from China has already covered central China. It is expected to extend to upper Thailand and the South China Sea today. As a result, the east wind and southeast wind that blows moisture from the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand to cover upper Thailand is stronger. In addition, the westerly tidal wave from Myanmar will move to cover the northern region. While upper Thailand is hot. This makes the area prone to summer storms. with the appearance of thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail, including possible lightning People are asked to be careful of thunderstorms, strong winds, and hail, as well as the dangers of lightning that may occur. by avoiding being in the open air under the big tree unhealthy buildings and billboards For farmers, they should be prepared to prevent and beware of damage that will occur to agricultural products as well.

As for the east wind and the southeast wind, it still prevails over the Gulf of Thailand, the South and the Andaman Sea. Causing the South to have isolated thundershowers. Dust during this period: Upper Thailand tends to accumulate moderate to high levels of dust/haze. due to weak to moderate winds and poor ventilation .



Source: Thai News Agency


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