Commercial discounts to help people Back to School 2023

Reduced prices to help people Back to School, all branches of Suksa Phanom Shop school uniform discount Starting at 30 baht each

. Trade organization in conjunction with the Department of Internal Trade. The Ministry of Commerce organizes the project "Commerce Reduces Prices to Help People Back to School 2023" to help reduce parents' expenses. At all Suksaphan Commercial stores until May 31, 2023, organizing a promotion for selling school uniforms at a special price. Starting at 30 baht each, but school uniforms at this special price will not have all sizes. because it is a clearing stock But the trade organization confirms that it is a quality product. As for general school uniforms, there will be a 50-10% discount promotion, selling student shirts and pants. Starting at 90 baht each, stationery is 25% off, textbooks are 15% off, and if parents are members of the Commercial Education Shop will get an additional 5% discount as well.”

In addition to parents coming to buy at the Suksaphan store. The trade organization has made it easier for parents to shop online.

through the ssp mall application as well and the products of the trade organization are of good quality The price was lower than the market. Parents who want to reduce costs You can come to shop at Suksaphan Commercial in every branch

Source: Thai News Agency