Students dress up to imitate monks and sing karaoke.

The world of social media has loud criticism. A university student in Maha Sarakham Dressed to imitate a monk sing karaoke He asked for forgiveness from the monk of Maha Sarakham Province. Confessed drinking, losing consciousness, not thinking.

The social media world shared pictures of students at a university in Maha Sarakham. Dressed to imitate monks Bring the robes to put on and post: After going to practice martial arts The monk was able to relax at a karaoke shop. and sing happily They also brought robes to put on and danced to practice martial arts. causing people to see it to be shocked So I complained about whether doing this was appropriate or not. I would like the relevant agencies to take care of me as well.

After the news came out The university contacted students who brought monk robes to wear to sing karaoke. It was found that he was a first-year student who had come to apologize to the Provincial Abbot of Maha Sarakham at Mahachai Temple. The student had apologized for what he had done. As for the clip posted, it's an old video. Taken many years ago But a few days ago, a friend posted it on social media to celebrate his own birthday. I admit that I drank alcohol that day, causing me to lose consciousness and become agitated. I couldn't think straight. Confirm that you will not do this again. I apologize to all Buddhists.

Meanwhile, the university must apologize to the community for having such a picture released. After this there will be punishment by the disciplinary committee within the faculty. To prevent and prevent something like this from happening again

Source: Thai News Agency