Sure before sharing: “Bully” in school

Information: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wanida Pao-in (pediatrician specializing in child protection)

?? A tragic incident occurred on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, during lunch break at a school cafeteria. A 16-year-old senior student slashed the head with an ax. Junior student 14 years old

The couple had been in an argument for months. Seniors fight and lose to younger generations all the time. and was bullied by classmates Until the embarrassment and stress Therefore causing harm to the younger generation to death

?? In Thai language, there are words to bully, persecute, bully and make fun of.

In English, the most familiar are bully and bullying.

When it comes to bullying, bullying, bullying and mocking, most people know the transliteration "bully".

Some incidents that occurred from "Bully" were severe to the point of injury and death.

?? Types of Bullies

There are 3 main types of bullying other people:

The “verbal” way is to convey the meaning of joking, taunting, and threatening to do harm.

The “social” way is to cause public shame and embarrassment. or pretending to be cut off from other people intentionally, e.g. expelled from the group spreading false news to the detriment Discourage other things

The “physical” way is bodily bullying, such as beating, hurting, causing accidents, stealing objects, expressing in a rude manner.

Bullied people are common in elementary, secondary and university schools, workplaces and residential communities.

The 2020 youth survey data from the "Children's Lawyers Network" found that among 1,500 children aged 10-15 from 15 schools, 91.79 percent of children had been bullied.

The most common bullying method was patting the head 62.07 percent, followed by parenthesis 43.57 percent, insulting 41.78 percent, and others such as gossip, cursing, punching, mocking the inferiority complex, speaking slanderously. Satire via social media

In addition, 1 in 3 children, or 35.33 percent, had been bullied about twice a term, and 1 in 4 children, or 24.86 percent, were bullied 3-4 times per week.

Bullying is more than half of classmates, seniors, juniors and children, or 68.93 percent, consider bullying to be violent.

The effects of being bullied which is the data from the survey, it was found that

Some children thought to respond or wanted revenge, up to 42.86 percent.

26.33 percent had symptoms of stress

Not concentrating on studying 18.2 percent

Do not want to go to school 15.73 percent

Introverted 15.6 percent

had depression, 13.4 percent

?? intend to bully other people

School bullying or “school bully” can be viewed from many perspectives, for example, how are people bullying? What is bullying behavior like? What do other bullies lack and where are they lacking? Including what kind of person being bullied

People who bully others on purpose He is a person with a special characteristic, which is low empathy for others. The feeling of anxiety (Anxity) is also low.

If there are two components, both the feeling of empathy for others is low. and low anxiety about what they do to others Will make that person easily bully others.

“The ability to empathize” is something that needs to be refined, meaning that children don't grow up with the ability to empathize. But I had to grow up in an environment where I saw someone who was a role model. from making it look Experienced, sympathetic Growing up ever since before entering school, seeing and knowing from the example seen repeatedly in the family and myself receiving continual sympathy. Being able to empathize with others is cultivated with increasing age.

Compassion is a function of the frontal cortex. But the frontal lobes are the slowest to develop.

The forebrain is fully developed by the age of 25. During this period (before 25) it is under development.

anxiety part It's part of the behavior. Based on habits from birth Along with the way of raising and the atmosphere of growing up. If a child with empathy and not easily panic It will have the ability to easily get along with others. But if you don't feel sympathy and not easily panic There will be a risk of doing something disturbing. or bully others

?? Prevent bullying in school

“School” is a place where bullies are easily spawned. It brings together people whose brains are still developing to provide inner stability. when children are together There is a chance that they will encourage each other, harass each other, easily dislike each other. Bullying is common in schools.

what to do The bully will happen less. or zero

This matter must be done clearly and seriously.

First of all, this has to be school policy and everyone knows about it.

All “adults” in school must cooperate.

The adults in the school are all the teachers, staff, janitors, housekeepers, including the school caterer, parents, guardians, and the students themselves.

“Teachers” must at least not be bullying students. There are some areas where teachers are examples of bullying in schools. Although less than in the past due to the law against hitting children.

All teachers must be clearly trained on this subject. What action is called a bully? and there are clear rules Teachers must not bully children. Including serious punishment measures for teachers who bully children This is necessary because there are still many teachers who have faith. and the distorted view that punishment is the right thing to do. When not yet able to change the belief that it is harmful to children Therefore, there must be strict rules to supervise from the outside.

Some teachers, as students, were beaten several times and then said, “I was able to have today because that teacher hit me.”

And who did he become… Become a person who compels others to obey. become one who submits to superior power He believed that he had survived because of this.

Personally, I think he still hasn't survived. He would have survived better had the teacher not hit him that day. And there are other better ways.

If the teacher still can't I have to go and help the teacher do it too. have to solve the problem for the teacher The teacher wishes well for the child, right? Teacher, do you believe that hit and get results? because he can't hit now what can I do Can the teacher wait to see the results in the distance? Didn't see results immediately But the results are more sustainable.

Teachers can't wait. Still have to hit the child. Teachers must adhere to the rules. to be punished

People have to adjust. When there are penalties against yourself in many schools, if the administrators have very strong policies The teacher, even though he wanted to hit, didn't hit anyway.

Many teachers, besides believing that children must be hit. have to punish the child also believed to blame children make the child remorse so that the child can adapt to be a good child But in the theory of real child development Must develop from making the child believe that the child is good enough, talented enough to adjust their own behavior. It's called an adjustment from within the child himself. child building himself developing myself Parents or teachers must say, “Here, I've done well. I can do better than this.” So the child will be better.

It's not saying, "I'm not good, I'm bad, I need to do better." The more energy to change for the better, the less. In which the child will interpret many feelings, for example, the teacher does not like him, this feeling will disturb the mind and thoughts. make reasoning and the ability to adapt to do less

A child's self-control must take place in calm, quiet, and stable situations. If scolded, reprimanded, or hit, the child may stop behaving because of outside forces. But the ability to control yourself from within will be less.

In conclusion, for a growing brain, it takes “praising”, not praising him for doing something wrong. Watch the part he did well. To develop in the part that he is not doing well, doing this, the child will adjust the behavior better. Inner security grows more and more, and it helps children develop empathy. Going to bully others will decrease.

past and present There are teachers doing the opposite, still using hitting and punishment to adjust their behavior.

Reasons why teachers believe success Because when teachers say good things, children don't believe. There are some children who will test the teacher's power... The teacher has to hit the child and the child agrees to do it immediately. Many teachers therefore think that they have to hit.. in order to succeed.

“Accept immediately” means that “Make children accept violence” because teachers are examples of violence. resulting in an atmosphere of fear damages the learning atmosphere makes children dare not ask dare not give an opinion

It eventually became If the child is not aggressive became a child who obeyed in order to survive which we don't need both

We don't want aggressive people. and do not want people to follow

We want children who grow up stable, able to think critically, to present their ideas without fear of being punished and reprimanded. This is still very rare in Thailand's schools. (The ability to think analytically is an important job of the brain that is not encouraged to be trained in a concrete way in school.)

school adults no matter what position must learn these things as well

He must have learned what is called a bully. What can he do when he sees a bully? He won't let it pass. Who should he report to? He himself must not bully. have strong measures

?? Students "Bullyed" and "Stop Bullied"

Students are very important. Because to really stop bullying, it takes students. because most of the time bully It was an event where the teacher was absent.

“School bullies” that really stopped were the students in the incident.

People being bullied will already have little power in themselves. And there may be weaknesses or differences, making it the target of bullying.

As for bullies, they often have their own internal problems. make it difficult to stop yourself It's the audience that can stop bullies.

What the school has to do is to rehearse the audience or students in the event that if this kind of event occurs What should everyone do in this example?

In the event that a bully event occurs Everyone agrees, cheers, is equal to accepting the bully happened. But if everyone stood up There might be some symbols. Or let the children help each other think that this symbol is a sign asking to stop. It's easier for children to think for themselves. Because if an adult tells a child to do it Rehearse until the children can help each other do it together.

?? "Bully" is built by someone

Bully is about the inequality of the "power" of a group of people and a child. and has a large audience

Family is the main factor in building internal security for children. Prevent both bullies and people being bullied

Bullies do not occur naturally, but are created by people, so you need to look at the source or cause of bullies.

Children growing up in troubled families dysfunction of the family (dysfunctional family), such as a violent family Children may become submissive, fearful, and easily bullied. or may be aggressive and dominant over others

In addition, children who have strange shapes than other children, such as smaller skin, different skin from others More likely to be bullied

?? Let adults know... being bullied

It was reported that the child had told the teacher that he had been bullied. But less than half of the teachers responded.

Teachers (some) see it as normal. more durable Start not challenging and start getting used to it.

Children are taught to be submissive. Grow up to become an adult in the circle of power.

Fine for children being bullied And each of the bullying kids didn't work.

Adjusting that the teacher alone just doesn't work.

The entire system needs to be adjusted.

Bullies are not criminals...

If you don't stop fast enough might turn out to be a real criminal.

Source: Thai News Agency