Teenagers attack police, steal gun from gas station

A group of youths had an argument in a restaurant. They pulled out guns and helped to stop them before dispersing. A plainclothes police officer witnessed the incident. Afraid he'll come back and cause trouble. So he drove along. But instead, he was attacked and his personal gun taken away.

At midnight last night, Bang Pakong Police Station received a report of a quarrel at a restaurant in Bang Samak Subdistrict, Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao Province, so they rushed to investigate the scene. But the perpetrators had all dispersed. Drive out of the store and park at a gas station on Theparat Road (Bangna-Trad) km. 40, inbound to Bangkok.

At that time, Pol.Sgt. Nathawee, commander of the Prevention and Suppression Division, Bang Pakong Police Station, was in plainclothes. which is inside the restaurant Try not to let it happen. But they feared that the group that had dispersed would drive back again. So he drove along. Found the car of Mr. Thawin, 44 years old, who had used a gun to threaten people in the store, and then parked at the gas station. And a sedan with Mr. Supachai, age 34, his subordinates and a group of friends driving behind it, stopped at another gas station. Pol.Sgt. Natthawee had parked the car and called the radio room to call for reinforcements. But Mr. Thawin and his subordinates Opened the door before locking him out of the car and attacking him. He was injured and had his personal firearm stolen. Later, reinforcements arrived. There was an argument for about half an hour. Until finally looking for Police Sergeant Nathawee's personal gun, he came back and found it hidden in the bag of the woman who came with him.

Police search Thawin's car No illegal things found But Mr. Supachai's sedan A .45 caliber magazine gun with 10 rounds of ammunition was found in a blanket in the back seat. Therefore, they seized and invited Mr. Supachai and Mr. Thawin to be questioned at Bang Pakong Police Station. Mr. Supachai testified that the said gun Mr. Thawin gave it to me before getting into the car. After there was an incident at the restaurant The police proceeded to file a charge of possession of firearms and ammunition. Going in public places without permission Initially, the investigating officer opposed bail. The police are in the process of collecting information and evidence from both crime scenes.

At the same time, the other party who was threatened by Mr. Thawin pulled out a gun inside the restaurant. Reported to the investigating officer on charges of attempted murder. Pol.Sgt.Nattawee is preparing to file a report on charges of assault and robbery.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency